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Welcome to the editors page, check out the pastebin for sources and info. We also have a discord server for those that want to hang out. Click any of the editors’ buttons below to check out all of their videos here on HentaiMV. These are talented artists and beautiful people that are spreading this debauchery out of the kindness of their own hearts so make sure to check out their social/profile links!



12 comments on “HMV Editors

  1. Anonymous says:

    Add hmv from wasted123 and pulse fap hero isnt working

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can’t find any of thes fap heros “Compshrine” “Shiftfix” those are their names, i have a few rounds of it but as i say i cant find it full anywhere and i dont remember the creator of those, so, if you can help me whit that, i will really apreciate it.

  3. NoName says:

    Get a hentai, copy a music to it, and you are a HMV editor -.- Thats not what it should be. Most of the works here you are done in seconds.

    1. Anonymous says:

      >Gatekeeping HMVs
      How is anyone supposed to grow into a style if they don’t release some more “simple” material first?
      There are over 3000 HMVs out there and not everyone can possibly like every single one of them but certain people will like a certain hmv that you might hate

      Who cares bro its fucking art, let people create wtf they want

  4. VeinHMV says:

    Hi, I was wondering if this site has a login system or a system for user upload.

  5. ExDragkanProduction says:

    Hay mas autores de HMV y PMV. ¿Por que no son agregados?
    Esa a sido mi incognita desde que descubri esta web siempre veo los mismos autores, no han añadido ninguno.
    Habiendo tantos como hay en PH, que la gran mayoria son buenos, no se porque no estan enlistados aquí.

  6. GEORGEM says:

    Any chance some of the editors reupload their works from PornHub onto here?

  7. wasted12345 says:

    Wasted12345 here, I have a lot of HMV’s which can be added here. Also I have a twitter now. Anyway to do this?

  8. SSL says:

    I didn’t find any contact form so I’m writing it here. If I want to reach this site I have to circumvent a SSL Security Warning because the SSL Certificate seems to be expired.
    Is it possible to renew it?


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