Shutting down

PsychoSplash –
2019-06-22 12:56:21

So… I’m afraid I have to shut down the server from the start of next month until November at the soonest. The reason is that I got new job. I have to pay for the transport and it’s not cheep. After 3 months time I get a raise and can then start paying for the server again.

The monthly fee for the server is $99 usd. and except for one dedicated person who donates $9 every month, I have been paying it out of my own pocket. Reasons for this are numerous. Like not wanting to piss off people who donated when i fail to deliver on time.

I also do not want to try and fund the server costs with adds primarily because I hate adds.

I have been trying to secure funds for the server but with no luck. Only thing left is to ask for donations… And i don’t want that level of responsibility as i clearly can’t manage it.

Hope you guys understand.
Remember… This is only temporary.

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